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Re: Taxable Horsepower

From: alumcan
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Date: October 01, 2003
Time: 07:56:00


It means, if you claim you got xxx horse power, a new law out, you gotta pay Uncle Sam appropiate amount of tax on that HP. The less amount claimed, the less you have to pay. Plus the less your insurance costs. Untill you file a claim, and they discover you 'lied/cheated' (under rated horse power rating) bud, Katy bar the doors! They are gonna soak it to you! When they drag you into Federal tax evasion court, that is the title or name of the charges brought against you "Taxible Horse Power" One of the peneltys, they make you shave your legs. The AMA. Either, the American Motorcycle Association, or _________, put in your own version. Last I heard, was something to do with the remake of the old Moron jokes, since everything else is ethnic.


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