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Re: Brake Drums

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Date: September 24, 2003
Time: 21:48:35


Bless you Bob and good luck - Everything said is true, the main don't to remember if you do get them off is do not use oil thinking that next time they will come off easy. (USE NEVER-SEIZE). I used a hub puller (rented) that bolts into the lug bolt holes. it has a tee bar you smack with a 6 lb. sledge until you can't stand it anymore, fire up your torch and heat the hub (a lot) smack the drum with your sledge until it pops loose without destroying the drum like I had to (six whacks with a 20 lb. sledge) I installed front disc brakes from aaj brakes and used the front drums in the rear. (switched hubs). After using NEVER-SEIZE they have come off very easy with a regular drum puller. Good Luck.


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