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Re: 1959 DeSoto Firedome 383

From: Joe Mac
Remote Name:
Date: September 24, 2003
Time: 17:35:34


Jason, Surprised noone responded. There were 2 383 motors, B (3.375" stroke) and RB (3.75" stroke). Your car may have had the RB which was lmited production. If you're not worried about originality you can use any B or RB motor. Try to get an older motor so that it will bolt up to your tranny (search the discussion board for tranny compatibility, its been covered extensively). Also, get a motor that has all the accessories. Things like motor mounts, exhaust manifolds (with the generator bracket) etc. are difficult to find. I guess what I'm suggesting is that you get a complete old motor ('62 or earlier)needing a rebuild rather than a late model engine from a rebuilder. B motor options are 350(rare), 361 and 383. RB choices are 383(rare), and 413. Good luck.


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