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1956 DeSoto owner could use some advice...

From: Devon in San Diego
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Date: September 10, 2003
Time: 12:17:20


First, you need to see this beauty that we just picked up in AZ last weekend. Some of you may already have seen it in person, know its history or viewed it on eBay. Well, now my wife and I are the owners and though it seems like a great car, it has a few minor issues to make it much more enjoyable. The engine is rebuilt and very tidy, and so is much of everything under the hood. It idles very smoothly, but accelerates roughly and slowly. It blows no smoke, no stinks, drips no oil, etc, so I am a little vexed. Where should we begin? Might it be that the distributor isn't advancing? I can turn a wrench, but I have never been able to tune a car. Also, I need to comment that in 110 degree heat this last weekend, we drove it from its point of purchase in AZ west to San Diego, 400 odd miles away and over horrendous 10 mile 7% grades. It made it without a glitch other than a drunk driver hit and run in El Centro breaking my tail light while I was in it. Oh, and the new tire had a bad valve stem that decided to let go while I was parked and eating breakfast. Her new name is Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and will be under the daily supervision and handling of my wife, Anna. I already own the '56 2 door Doreen that you may remember. It has fianlly made it into my garage, but it still is requiring my daily attention during restoration. To anyone who has emailed me advice, I have saved every letter and am not asking for repeat (I know everyone is busy), but if you can give this new desoto owner a push in the right direction, I would appreciate it. BTW, she got 16.05 mpg on the trip


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