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swap 318/727 with 440/727 and lift

From: Torch
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Date: August 27, 2003
Time: 00:08:46


i have a '73 Dodge D-100 Adventurer with a 318 and im pretty sure the transmission is a 727... i want to lift the truck (2WD) and put in a 440.. is a 727 and a "racing"727 the same thing... i want a locker in the rear end.... the truck is going to be for mudding so i want rooster tails flying a good 15-20 yards... i need help with locations for parts.. i dont have the engine/trans yet.. the trans in there now is locked up so im just going to replace it... how high is the highest kit i can get to lift my truck.. and where do i get it... what gear ratio should i use with my locker.... i want a detroit locker... but cant find one for my application.. any help... i want atleast 35" tires... what type of torque/stall converter should i use... because i still want to hot rod it around on the streets.. i cant find that many high performance parts for a 440... maybe im lookin in the wrong catalogs... im wanting to mount a supercharger on it... do they make Hemi heads for a 440?... i am also looking for body accessories such as cowl induction and/or fiberglass removable hoods.. body lift kits (along with suspension)... and any ideaz on the price of such items listed above, if no idea on where i can get them... money isnt really a problem... i just need the parts.. you know how it is... a 20 year old guy with crazy ideas for a truck sitting out in the pasture that olny had to pass a safty inspection to be street legal... thanks for the help if anyone can help me... oh... and as fara as i can find... the 727 is the olny transmission that can bolt to the 440.. i prefer a stick and i can pay the extra to get it converted.... i would like a 4 or 5 speed.. i doubt there is a 6 speed... anyone know what transmission that would be?


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