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Here's my 2 cents worth

From: Dennis
Remote Name:
Date: August 12, 2003
Time: 10:16:21


First penny... The cop def. had an agenda. If the plates are current and the car has been titled and registered witht he numbers presented at the time of registration, he doesnt' have a case. PERIOD. Second penny ...I have a 1950 DeSoto. Since the make is no longer built, it's titled as a CHRYSLER, here in Michigan, due to it's age. When I was given the title from the previous owner, the car was titled with the ENGINE number. Now, when you consider that the engine number matches the chassis number, it makes sense to title a vehicle that way. I have a separate BODY number and ENGINE/CHASSIS number...there's no correlation whatsoever. When I asked a police officer the logic to that, he told me that the engine number is a reflection of the chassis number (usually found stamped on the frame. mine was on TOP of the frame, under the body) and that is the part of the vehicle that is actually being taxed, titled, etc. If you go back to the OLD days, you could buy a chassis from a body builder (LeBaron, Durham, Fisher. etc) and have it assembled to the CHASSIS that you bought and titled. See where I'm going with this ? Basically, the engine number was/is a more convenient way of verifying the chassis number as it's pretty impractical to take the body off of the frame everytime the police want to verify serial numbers. A lot of the laws that we have today are continuations of things people can't remember anymore. That's my 2 cents worth. have a great day !


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