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Re: 392 INTO '86 DODGE D150

From: alumcan (usung another address/server)
Email: I can't give this address out
Remote Name:
Date: July 03, 2003
Time: 10:58:56


Mark, I'm surprised no one has awnsered your question yet! It's easy! First, to everyone. I'm NOT back! Yet. Since no one has awnsered you, and I know the awnser, here goes. I 'borrowed' this address to tell you. Mark, you think dropping a 392 into a '73 to '93 Dodge pick-em-up is tight! I got one even tighter! A 440 with a 413 300 Letter Car cross ram. Fits! No cutting, removing, 'jury-rigging, anything! ALL OM! NO cutting on the heater box. Buuuttt, 'it' will, or front clip have to be removed for the Hemi installation. The put back. The power brake booster/master cly problem, is simple. You use a (same years) Dodge VAN PB booster/M Cly linkage/rod and bracket. The VAN Booster/Cly mounts 'sideways' on the van for short front end clearance. On the Cross Ram, TWO van PB asmb were used to offset them past the drivers side intake/carb. All you might have to use is a 'single' van set up. Meaning, the 'van' set up installed in your pick up will have the master cly pointing directly at the hood hinge. Get the idea now? Have fun.


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