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Re: Question on the lower pulley for a 1958 flathead 6'

From: Kenny J.
Remote Name:
Date: June 28, 2003
Time: 05:50:27


Hi Tom. What you're going to hear from me is my experiences with this problem. It happened to me back in '85 or '86. Every used lower pulley I found had a bad rubber insert between the pulley ring and the center. I found out the pulleys from '56 and down passenger cars and solid one piece pulleys on other Mopar flat heads either didn't line up or didn't provide engine vibration dampering for my 230. I located a N.O.S. pulley, but after a few years, it also separated. The rubber can and will deteriorate on the shelf, though not as rapidly as one in use. I sent it to a place in California known as the "Damper Dudes." They repaired it with an expoxy in place of the original rubber insert. That was last year and it has performed flawlessly. It cost around $150.00. I was fortunate that the outer ring did not fly into the fan, radiator, battery,or the underside of the hood. A poor repair or a used pulley assembly could cause problems down the road. An improper pulley could result in harmonics that will damage the reciprocating assembly within your engine. Consider the latter situation before installing a different style pulley, even if it does fit and lines up with your generator and water pump. Let me know how things work out.


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