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Question on the lower pulley for a 1958 flathead 6'

From: Tom D.
Remote Name:
Date: June 24, 2003
Time: 16:37:24


Hello, Ok.. I have a question. I blew out my lower pulley on my 58 Plymouth.. Itis the pulley with the composite material in the center *thats the part that blew out. Is there anyway to get a replacement that is 1 piece and does not have the soft core. It looks as though no one makes them new. So what have you all done if this blows out. I have a replacement coming enroute.. But I would like to get an aluminum replacement. "Ideally I would love to hear.. Oh, you can use a 1973 Nova lower pulley in its place.. Im sure that wont happen!! haha.. Thanks for any help.


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