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Re: 1957 Plymouth VIN number or Body number?

From: Bill in SD
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Date: June 13, 2003
Time: 12:22:47


I'm a police officer and sometimes when someone builds a customs or rebuilds a wrecked car we give them a new VIN when they don't have the title. The car is then recorded with the DMV as a rebuilt. When I got my car title it had the VIN and the body number combined as the VIN on the title. The DMV does goofy things. I usually only compare the VIN on the car when dealing with accidents and with stolen vehicles. Many times I'll run a license plate and the description will come back with a different color or even Not On File. Around here you wouldn't have to worry for old cars but in other states it could pose a real problem. As long as the VIN on the title is stamped on the body somewhere you should be okay. Also a side note about the DMV...thanks to them I have the only 4 dr 58 Plymouth Fury in the USA. Typos happen a lot.


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