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Re: Cast-iron torqueflite shift kit ? Is it a pipe dream ??

From: Herman Parker
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Date: June 13, 2003
Time: 10:39:05


The thing that annoys me is that B & M got their start beefing up the A-466 Torqueflites and GM Hydros. No outfit on the planet knew more about A-466's than these guys. Today though, don't bother to waste your time (as I already have) trying to get information from them - they're either too big to look back at their roots and share or all the old guys with the knowledge are no longer around. Would have accepted "we don't know", "we no longer have that information", etc - all you get is either unanswered e-mails or "we don't carry parts for the A-466" (as if it is something foreign). The old Hot Rod magazines used to run articles on remachining clutch packs and drilling the odd hole here and there to improve lubrication/pressure - all courtesy of B & M. Remember, until the massive, 25 year R&D on the Powerglide proved successful, these pushbutton Torqueflites were used in all kinds of upper class/high horsepowered drag cars; behind every type of engine you could think of. Surely, everyone on the planet that knows performance upgrades to these trannys hasn't died off. Herman


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