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Cast-iron torqueflite shift kit ? Is it a pipe dream ??

From: Dennis
Remote Name:
Date: June 11, 2003
Time: 12:15:14


Well, since I HAVE to rebuild my cast iron TF...I was wondering if it were possible to ..or if anyone out there has heard of..convert the trans to a mild trans shift kit package. I prefer a firmer shift, however, I'm NOT looking for neck aches. just a crisp firm shift (with an occassional 1-2 tire chirp when coming off the line). I know that with the 727, it's a matter of playing with the checkballs and adding a different valve body plate. Is this possible with the cast-irons as well ? I'm not detoured by the possibility of having to recreate a custom valve body plate as I work at a tool shop with access to a heavy duty 5 axis laser that would make an easy chore of reloacating a fluid hole. If anyone has any thoughts...let me know. Plus, if it's a matter of using the laser, it's just as easy to tell the machine to MAKE 50 of them as it is to make 1...(hint hint)If anyone has any thoughts...let me know.


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