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Re: Ideas for my 58'.. To paint of not to paint??

From: Jim Helm
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Date: May 16, 2003
Time: 15:41:16


No matter how much advice and how many opinions you get on whether or not you should re-paint an original vehicle such as yours that has nice original paint, it is going to boil down to your personal preference. I have several, low mileage, original forward look cars with original paint that look very nice but could certainly look better with a new paint job. But to me, the originality is far more important--a car is only original once and any redo of the original stuff takes it out of the survivor category. I like survivors and love that original look, but I also have highly restored cars as well. To paint or not to paint in these situations is always a tough decision to make and whatever you do, there will be those that will say you should have gone the other way! Do what you want and what you like--it's your car and it will be impressive either way! Jim


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