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Winder Decals

From: Jess-ee-kah Hendricks
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Date: May 02, 2003
Time: 21:10:33


So, i kept trying to read that giant post you left earlier...but i kept loosing my place and starting over..and by the time i got through the first few sentences it was starting to piss me off-- LOL! Now, let me get this straight.. You've designed chrome forward look emblems to attatch (per say on the trunk) on a vehicle? How about making some window decals/stickers w/ the forwardlook network logo and site info on it. I'd definetely sport that on my cars. I'f you guys need help putting the word out, i've definetely done my share about spreading the word on this site because it is just an awesome resource to get information. As for dave: If there was a shining light at the end of this computer stupid tunnel, i'd offer you any help i could give. Unfortunately, im only good as a typist :P I do appreciate everything you have and will do for this site. I cannot even fathom how stressful this can be for you to control. If there is any way we can ease the burden, have you thought of electing officers?? I know this isn't necessarily a club, but its the next best thing-- you've got yourself spread out way too much. Well... now that ive rambled on.. have fun reading and losing your place!! HAHA Jessica Hendricks


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