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Re: DeSoto Supercharged???!!!

From: Hank Dozier
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Date: March 22, 2003
Time: 09:01:35


Devon....Glad the IRS won't get your DeSoto. They would not know what to do with it, given the ones I have come into contact with! Regarding potential power output, I have a 1956 Adventurer, and the power rating on it is supposedly 320HP (most likely a little more, as Chrysler 300 was jealous that year at Daytona speed trials). The 345 next year with essentially same equipment was 345HP! With a reasonable UNDERDRIVEN street blower and a base compresssion ration of about 8.0 to 1, you should be able to match those numbers easily, and if hopped up more, get into the 400-500 area. WARNING...My Adventurer broke its crank on the original owner. And they have hardened cranks compared to regular 330s and 341s. So be sure to use Main Cap stud kit and maybe a block girdle if you get too outrageous. Also forged pistons and good timing chain drive and a Fluid-dampner type harmonic balancer. I still think that for "fun to drive", the single 4bbl version (using an AFB or Edelbrock carb), with a good Chris Nielson cam in it and about 9.5:1 CR is a better street setup at a lot lower cost. Remember, you got 3.8" of stroke in that engine to spin the tires down low!


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