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DeSoto Supercharged???!!!

From: Devon in SD
Remote Name:
Date: March 21, 2003
Time: 15:55:46


I have asked for ideas in the past on how to get great gobs of reasonable and reliable power and torque from my 330 hemi desoto, and many of you have offered a great wealth of knowledge (all of which I printed and filed for future use). I have decided that the IRS will not be taking my DeSoto, so I will thus soon begin working on it more. I still have yet to build the motor (it is actually still in the car), so the plan is to have it built to 341 inches, and some other stuff. I obtained a 4bbl manifold and would most likely add some nice carb or even the Holley ProJEction unit, but today, I just saw an original condition, very nice Weiand blower manifold for the desoto 330, 341 etc. I could have it for a little over $1100. Obviously, I will need more than a manifold to get me all supercharged, but is this just a pipe dream or what? What sort of power are we talking about by supercharging a 341 with very little in other mods. I want it to be reliable and useable. Any ideas for me?


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