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BEWARE of Jesper Svensson !!!!!

From: C. Suminski
Remote Name:
Date: March 11, 2003
Time: 23:25:06


Beware of Jesper Svensson of Van Nuys, California. I answered his ad he was looking for a 61 Plymouth Fury 4 door. I explained I was just about to post it for sale because my wife and I just had a baby and we need to sell it for baby furniture. He told me it was exactly the color and price range, had more then enough money for it and begged me not to post it....he wanted it. After stalling me for 6 weeks and then having his wife lie saying he was not home and left town for work when he was out test driving a car he repaired a minute ago is wrong. And to get his wife to lie for him???? I trust any Mopar guy and respect all Mopar guys but this man will toy with you that can effect your finances and familys well being. He costed me a lot of money and time. A mans word and honesty means nothing to this guy! DON'T TRUST HIM....just a warning.


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