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If you're right maybe the LA isn't lower after all!

From: Bob O.
Remote Name:
Date: March 06, 2003
Time: 11:49:10


Hank.... deferring to your MANY YEARS..... of experience 8=)) and total silence from everyone else, plus Jim Netterfield's question on the Forum about poly deck height, I finally removed a piston from my 301 and did some measuring. This revealed a crank center to block deck distance of 9.601". [crank throw 3.12"/2 plus rod 6.123" plus piston compression height 1.906" plus clearance gap between piston deck and block deck of 0.012"] Well, according to my and Jim's sources, the LA deck height is 9.599" (any confirmation or otherwise of that figure?) which means either that my 301 has been skimmed a tenth of an inch pretty much, or LA and poly decks are the same height. Now I'm really confused. What's the true story, or where did I screw up?


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