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Re: So, how much does an LA head weigh?

From: Hank Dozier
Remote Name:
Date: March 04, 2003
Time: 07:33:18


Bob O.....I seem to remember the iron 318 (LA) heads coming in at about 50-55 pounds assembled. However, there are now plenty of ALUMINUM heads for for the LA, and I would assume they have to be 10-15 pounds lighter. As for the blocks, the code "LA" meant "Light A", since the castings went from nickel-iron to grey iron, and also the water jackets were thinned. I think a bare "A" poly block comes in at around 165-70 pounds, and an "LA" block at around 140-145 pounds. If someone has actual measurments, post them for all of us, as mine are memory estimations.


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