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The CAM is why stroker block loses those ratios

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: February 28, 2003
Time: 00:04:24


Hey if you put that 290 cam (in the 402") in a poly displacing 318 ci, you would also greatly reduce the "torque to HP" and "torque per CI" ratios! Now if you put a 260/.490" lift cam in the 402", THAT would be a much closer point to compare those ratios. Frankly though the Cummins Diesel has FAR better torque to HP and torque per CI ratios ,ha ha ha! The low duration of stock poly cams restricts the HP, thus artifically raises the torque to HP/ ratio, as compared to the "ideal" cams that Chris Nielsen could grind for you. A 260/.490" cam in the 402 CI engine would best replicate a stock poly 244 cam's overall HP/Torque mix. (Up it to 268 for the 252 "Power Pack" stock Poly cam)


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