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From: Bob O.
Remote Name:
Date: February 27, 2003
Time: 10:37:24


For a while there I thought no one was going to stand up for the poly block. And all that makes sense, but I'm still disappointed: The performance of those heads appears to make them outstanding. If I dumped the heads on my poly, I might as well just put a SBC in there and be done with it. Then I could use the TBI system I took off my 350 Suburban. Bet I could find an adapetr for my 727 too! Or maybe a turbo 350 could be adapted for pushbuttons..... On the subject of the MP 402 poly stroker: note that torque vs. horsepower and torque vs. cubes dropped off dramatically in that engine compared to stock. Why bother? I think I'd prefer to go for lightweight everything and take advantage of the easy breathing head to see if I could raise horsepower by simply allowing the engine to rev at 6500. That is where the "cap" on my engine seems to be: low top end rpm.


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