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Block not much heavier, it 's the HEADS, etc.

From: Daven Anderson
Remote Name:
Date: February 26, 2003
Time: 23:43:56


The main weight handicap on the poly versus the LA is the HEADS! This is why alloy heads would be so helpful. The bare block is only about 30-40 lbs. heavier. All polys have forged cranks, and later LA's have cast cranks, which would save weight as well. MP's 402 stroker poly used the 4" stroke CAST "circle track" crank, which saves rotating mass and makes sense for the street application. Hot-running? I've had 3 poly cars and put over 100K miles on them in total, and NONE of the three EVER overheated! Temperatures routinely exceed 90F in my hometown in the summer. I took a '61 Belvedere to Albuquerque, NM one summer and it got above 100F for five of the days that I was there, including one afternoon when I was trapped in a traffic jam and it hit 105F. I was the one who was overheated, not my car! The 318 was a bit above the middle on the guage, but didn't miss a beat in that jam! The poly's 21 quarts of coolant capacity (vs. 17 for a wedge) is why I'd find a 402 stroker poly a tempting proposition for city driving in our hot summers.


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