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Who DID "develop" a Poly? Chrysler Australia!

From: Daven Anderson
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Date: February 24, 2003
Time: 23:58:42


The 215/245/265 "Hemi" inline six, initally developed in the US as a truck engine, was sent to Chrysler Australia. Their performance development of this engine was MORE than satisfactory. This engine was marketed as a "Hemi", but it is actually a Poly-head engine. The 1972 Chrysler Charger E-49 "Hemi Six-Pack" put out 302 HP from 265 cubic inches (the most powerful inline six in the WORLD at the time!) and could run the quarter mile in 14 seconds flat (13's with today's tires!). This big poly six put the hurtin' on the V8 muscle cars in Australia (350 Holdens,351 Fords and yes 340 Chargers too!). All poly fans need only refer to the Aussie "Hemi Six-Pack" Chrysler Chargers to see what performance development accomplished for a poly-head engine.


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