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Re: wheels and tires

From: Phil D. Ehrlich
Remote Name:
Date: February 12, 2003
Time: 12:39:41


I sure hope you get a smarter response than this one, but... (1) If you are going to a custom wheel, the only reason to stay with the (icreasingly expensive) 14" would be for the sake of the hubcaps. (2) We have had experts and consultants come to our shop and "engineer" a wheel/tire set, for vintage performance cars, three times. Not one was workable. Now we just phone for dimensions of whatever tire we think we want. (3)Then tape some stiff posterboard strips around some of the existing tire, to replicate the new track width. Crank lock-to-lock and see what crushes. Bounce the fenders a few times to be sure. (4)Next, tape some builder's-foam blocks to the inside of the sidewall to replicate the new sidewall width. Crank again. (5)If you keep the same offset in the new wheel, you can get pretty close. If you really want more bulk than will fit without rubbing when turned inside, a little more offset may do the trick. If you are rubbing outside or top, you probably need to settle for smaller shoes. Good luck.


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