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Oil on troubled waters.....

From: Bob O's Mom
Remote Name:
Date: February 09, 2003
Time: 23:55:02


Dear Dave: we haven't met but Bobby has told me you're a very nice young man. I am afraid that in his naughty little way Bobby and his "friend" Alumcan have not been making your day any easier. Bobby has told me that he is VERY sorry for being the cause of any aggravation and would I please let go of his ear. He will from now on stay completely On Topic and Mrs. Can and I will NOT allow him to play with Alumcan again until they have washed and polished the cars of all the people who have been so very offeneded that they felt they had to read all these Off Topic posts probably several times to be sure they were that offended. "I get more offended every time I read this" I can almost hear them saying. So good night and sleep tight and don't let the little buggers bite. Mrs. O.


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