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Re: It's your site, but please clear this up...

From: Webmaster
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Date: February 09, 2003
Time: 21:18:22


I don't know. I'm getting hammered on both sides from folks who don't like what someone else is saying, so they email me and bitch. If people are offended by what a few individuals care to write, I personally don't see why in the heck they would keep -opening- posts from those people. I'm starting to get really sick of always being Mr. Mediator and peacemaker, I'm sick of emails from people asking where in the hell the calendars are when again I'm in the middle since the printer has had the files since December 8th, and I'm completely burned out with "to-do's" for this site. Everyone is expecting me to do so much with this site, and I'm trying, but give me a @#$@#$ break... I am trying -TRYING- to have a life besides. I'm busy. I'm very busy, and have too many projects to deal with. Throw in this fight on top of everything else and I'm just sick of it all. I'm getting to the point where I'd almost rather shut the discussion boards down than have to deal with all of the fallout from something I don't even have the time to read.


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