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Re: Chrome do-dads?

From: alumcan
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Date: February 09, 2003
Time: 01:43:41


Bobby, I have my hand into everything, tyring to make something, and not doing anything. I figured you were talking about the decals, I just wanted to make sure. OK. Our little suposidly 45 minute 'meeting' turned into two hours and something. "Fearless Leader" has EVERYTHING I had/have designed, plus several samples printed for him to picture/market. The decals/banners/license plates, will be marketed by Dave on this site, AFTER he gets the calander fieasco straightened out. If he was going to make several hundred thousand calanders, get the quickest/nearest printer, and have at it. But him and his calanders are like me getting these decals designed. Were taking money out of our pockets, (especially with me not working), he is trying to get as much done 'as a favor' as possible, so less personal out of pocket expence is occured. The people that are bitching the most about the lack of calanders, are the ones that are NOT on this site, that have pre-ordered. I will note this much about the newer re-designed FwdLk site. There will be TWO labled seperate discussion pages, along with the for sale and wanted. Complete personal information is REQUIRED prior to be able to 'talk' on any page. Each labled forum is FwdLk and anything other. Say you post that you just invented 'postit notes'. There will be a little box telling how many other registered people have read your post, along with the number who have respondced to your post. You click on your 'Postit notes' heading, and every reply, and who it was that replied to you idiotic post, is listed. Someone else posts somthing else, say flamthrowers on a S-10. That post goes above your post. Say your post gets bumped (no one replys for a while) to the bottom of the page, or to page two. Some registered person replies to your post, it automaticly goes back to first post at the top of the page. This is the BEST part! Pictures can be posted almost as easy as writing out a post! Example; there has been several requests for the door handle removal too. You know what it looks like, I know what it looks like, several others knows what it looks like, but that one guy that is asking, does NOT know what it looks like! Somebody make a picture submit, it's on the forum for ALL to see. That quick. That means that we can see each registered menber's car(s),truck(s), Harley(s) souped up lawn mowers, whatever, simply by touching a button. Another good reason for the revised site is the elimination of the BevisShutthewhaterverupVirgilExner's that have accused others of wrong doing. (you know what I'm talking about) The ONLY way to get in the new web site is a complete personal address/information. You see a reply to one of your posts, click on 'profile','that' person's age, IQ, hat size, number of legal kids, every vehicle they own, complete address is right there on the screen, so you can send a private E-mail, you know who it is you're talking to. Problem; this new 'picture frindly' FwdLk site is this summer sometime. The decals come in four different sizes. Anything other than the sizes I have come up with, CAN be speical ordered. No problem. Say you want a 3' by 4' FwdLk deacal, it can be made. But for computer/cost ease, these four sizes are the easiest/cheapest that can be made. There is a LEFT and a RIGHT decal in the four standard sizes. The decals are shaded differntly for a light background or a dark background. There are TWO different license plate designs. Same cost, just with, or without logo. Differnt background license plate colors can be requested. But, a background other than the standard white will be quite expensive. You want a banner to hang in your office/house/garage/front porch/wherever, they also can be made. There was two sizes that is 'easiest' for the computer to make listed. This and final pricing will all be presented by Fearless Leader in due time, whenever he is ready. (It's out of my hands now) I wanted to add a small amount to each decal, to cover my costs, and to Dave for the new site. With what I suggested to Dave, it will take 150 decals just for me to recover my design/print/sample costs! I don't think that there is 150 people that is active on this site! Dave says he can sell elsewhere. Plus, Dave says, that more and likely one person will probably buy several decals and probably a license plate or two. So we'll have to wait untill the calanders get out before the decals come out.


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