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Re: Engine Swap/Header questions...

From: Eugene Sullivan
Remote Name:
Date: February 08, 2003
Time: 23:08:21


Don't agree.The engine isn't much different than a 440,Which a friend has and the big problem he has is getting traction.I have a E mail from someone that has a H,1/4 mile time is low 13's at a 119 miles a hour.Notice the 300 letter cars in 63 and 64 had factory headers which added 15 horsepower.I'm thinking the car won't be much faster because I won't modify the body but the tires should light up.Mopar action has stated that a built car will have 40 more horse power even with cheap headers.If exhaust and cam and intake don't do it,I'll change the converter.And if that won't do it,I have a blown hemi on a engine stand that will bolt right to the transmission.Won't be able to run the hood though


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