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Re: Engine Swap/Header questions...

From: Rodger
Remote Name:
Date: January 30, 2003
Time: 23:19:23


Eugene If you read the post that was done on 20 Dec and apply the info to your car, it will give you more power than what the car came from the factory with. You can have some muffler shop "hang" a 2 1/2" pipe that will raddle as you drive and they can "hang" a 3" set up that will be below the line of the car and you can hear it scrape every time you leave the drive way. But thats ok with the rest of the world because we will leave you behind at the light. Your engine with a set of out of tuned exhaust system will bog down and be slower than a train trying to pull the grade on a mountain pass. But, if we try to do sumthin with you at a rolling run at say 85 to 90 mph you will blow our doors off. Just my two cents. Rodger


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