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Re: Engine Swap/Header questions...

From: Eugene Sullivan
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Date: January 11, 2003
Time: 05:49:46


I am building a motor for my 300G.I plan on putting headers in it if at all possible.I plan on using 2 and 1/2 or 3 inch all the way with a crossover.The stock exhaust is too restricitive by far and costs more.I may lose some value but so what? I don't ever plan on selling it and I want it to move.The only thing that keeps a car from ending up in the junkyard are too things,one- is there are only two in the world and it's worth a million dollars or there are a lot of the them and it runs very fast.I've seen whole collections at Pick your Part.My cars will be very fast.I'm building all of them to have 400 horsepower or more. I have a stock 66 Charger,my boys would rather drive the newer cars because they are faster.The only old car they like is my 64 Dodge because it's fast,so all of them will be fast before I'm gone. Gene


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