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Re: Engine Swap/Header questions...

From: Rodger
Remote Name:
Date: December 20, 2002
Time: 08:44:25


Scott, If it was my car I'm stick with the OEM cast iron manifolds. At car events when I see a vehicle with tube headers I just keep on a walkin. If you use the OEM factory stuff you will not be listening to the tune of phhh, phhh, phhh and most people can not tell the differance from a 400 or a 350. NAPA sells the Walker Dynomax Muffler w/o the Walker label under the NAPA PN of 17749. ( This is direct copy of MoPar's hot muffler used in any HP engine from '68 to '70. ) From the exhaust manifold run a 2 1/4" pipe into a "X" and then through the mufflers to a set of 2 1/4" resonators to the rear bumper. This will give you quality audio and performance. If you want less power use the "H" or cross-over system. If you just want sumthin better than what single exhaust may offer just use the standard old plane dual exhaust. The audio as I just mentioned is on the level of a '69 - 70 Chrysler 300 w/375 hp. Take away the resonator's and the noise level will go up. Go to a larger diam pipe and you lose low end power. Also going to larger pipes and you will find the space for the exhaust route'ing is lost. If you do decide to go the tube header way still use the exhaust system that I laid out for you. Most of us drive our cars on public streets and while doing this we want the vehicle to be able to wipe out or just to stay with the vehicle next to us. Go to fast to quick and you will find yourself speaking to the guy who drives the car with large letters that pro-claim to protect and to serve. We may want to drive a vehicle that will give you long distance mpg figures if called on. Get the drift...Rodger


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