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383 Cam

From: Rodger
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Date: December 04, 2002
Time: 09:47:38


Dave: MoPar has the perfect cam for a "Torque" engine. The parts number for this is: P4452783 and it is a single bolt assy. For the same cam with three bolt assy the number is: P4529270. Go to ebay and look up MoPar bb, MoPar 440, MoPar 383, Chrysler bb, Chrysler 440, or Dodge bb or (ya get the picture). This engine family was in production for a long long time ( until 1978 )and the factory had lots of time to work out the problems and to get it right. Most of the after market grinders just copied the factory. The cams for all 361's, 383's, 400's, 413's, 426w's and 440's will swap out. The same is also true with all heads and exhaust manifolds. For the intake you will need to stay with 361 to 400. The RB's don't fit the smaller engine's. Rodger


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