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daul master cyl on a 61 NYer w/x-ram and power booster

From: Mark Woods
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Date: October 07, 2002
Time: 00:49:23


I did not see my last postin' so i'll try again...I just installed an AAJ disk brake kit WITHOUT a dual master cyl (due to xrams and oval power booster). The disk brakes look and fit GRRRREAT! I can not seem to get a "full" pedal. I have installed a adj. proportioning valve and a 10 pound residual valve for the original "Total nonContact" rear brakes. I am using the second outlet from the master cyl. that used to accept the brake light switch for the rear feed. I also removed the original residual valve in the master cyl. I tried taking the rears out of the circuit and got "some" pedal. I think my problem lies in the old master....Thanx for any help


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