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57/58 Plymouth Parts Needed for 58 Fury project. HELP!!

From: Chris Bray
Email: email: or phone: 920-795-1113
Remote Name:
Date: August 11, 2002
Time: 12:33:57


Hey, guys/gals, I just purchased a real clean 57 Plymouth Savoy 2dr HT. I am turning it into a 58 Fury, and I need all kinds of parts like bumper ends, taillights/bezels, grille (upper and lower), 318 poly engine, dual quad intake/carb setup, (or a big block 383 pre-62 would be better), hood badge, "V" emblem, headlamp bezels, front clip wiring harness, "Fury" emblems, radio, 3-spd pushbutton assy, dual courtesy lights, and lower piece for rear bumper that has the backup light in it. (@#*WHEW!!!) Anybody got that stuff laying around, or know of any boneyards that have some or all of it? Please don't say Mopar Mel.....I don't want to have to sell my house and pimp out my girlfriend just to pay for the stuff. Thank you kindly!! And keep Forward Lookin!! Chris


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