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Re: One of you knows this...

From: Daven Anderson
Remote Name:
Date: August 09, 2002
Time: 11:26:53


It's more important that the torque converter match the engine's powerband (as selected by the camshaft). Most V8/Auto Chrysler products came with 2:93 to 3:31 rear axles standard,but 3:54 or lower were available as factory or dealer installed options. Selecting a rear axle ratio (then or now) depends on where and how you drive the car. A 'highway cruiser' should have the taller gears and towing/quicker acceleration should have shorter gears. The 3:54 is a good gear ratio for a car that is driven mostly in town but will see some highway use. (4:10 would be 'city/towing/racing/not the highway' and 2:76 would be 'all highways')


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