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Re: anyone else have this problem???? my 2 cents,,,

From: alum,can
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Date: August 09, 2002
Time: 00:40:23


My story; I have screwed around with pick-up truck tailgates for other guys. My first one was a new '80's Toyota and a '67'72 Chevy wide bed gate, spelled out 'toylet' I took a S-10 gate turned the c,h,e,v, part around backwards, some I've turned part upside down,,,,you get the picture. Well, back then, when my old F-250 looked decent, I took the F O R D letters and changed them to F U R Y. The gate along with the rest of the truck is now getting a little shabby. I get my gas here at Sheetz. (cheapest) The dude or dudet is constantly hollering over the loud speaker, "pump number such and such is on for the green Honda, etc, etc." As I start to get gas, my mind is else where, or looking at the girl in short shorts, and I hear "pump number such and such is on for the Fury" Man I perk up, and look around for this Fury,,,,then I figure out the person is reading my tailgate when I don't see an old Plymouth. Then I start to laugh to myself that these gas station change jockys don't know a car from a pick-up!


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