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Subscriptions and Donations

From: Dave Stragand, webmaster
Date: August 08, 2002
Time: 20:40:21


Hi All,

Thanks to all who have contacted me with many good suggestions for raising money for the
calendars and web site. As a few of you have noticed, I've added PayPal's "Donate" and
"Subscription" services to the site. The two options allow you to either donate a one-time
amount of your choice, or choose a six-month ($10) or one year ($15) "subscription".
At the end of your subscription, PayPal will send out a resubscribe notice. You can either
resubscribe or disregard the notice (you will -not- be automatically debited).

As always, I'm committed to keeping the mailing list and web site as free resources. The
donation and subscription services are for those who want to help the site move forward
and offer more to our little Forward Look community.


-Dave Stragand
Mailing List / Web Site Coordinator

One-time donation in any amount you wish

Voluntary 6-month subscription for $10

Voluntary yearly subscription for $15


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