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Re: anyone else have this problem????

From: Gavin
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Date: August 08, 2002
Time: 13:27:21


Yup, you get the same types of response from people the world over. Here in the UK too. My 60 Belvedere has "Plymouth" clearly badged on the back but most people automatically see fins and think "Cadillac". (A Cadillac "Plymouth" maybe ??? like a Cadillac "Eldorado"???) Cadillac seems to be the only American car maker mr/mrs average have heard of over here. You have to admit that considering Cad's only had sizeable fins for about 5 years or so between 1956 and 1962-ish and are just celebrating 100 years making cars... they sure made an impact!!!! Not that Cadillac today would appreciate or admit as much ! But lets face it guys, we have these cars because they're different from anything else on the road don't we ??? Otherwise we'd be like the rest of the sheep on the road in their identikit boxes that you have to look for the badge to tell what they are, and as for the perpetual snipes about fuel consumption... I just love the look on folks faces when I tell them that my 40+ year old "Yank tank" gets 26 mpg... there's usually a stunned silence while they figure thats better then what their vile SUV, 4x4, "people carrier" or hugely expensive BMW gets !!!! That's right, it was the "economy" slant six, favoured by taxi companies across America and Canada in 1960, and off I go with a mile wide grin :) Best regards, Gavin


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