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Re: anyone else have this problem????

From: Juri
Email: xxx
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Date: August 08, 2002
Time: 04:26:20


Well it is about same here in Northern Europe. I have a Desoto Adventurer and people come to tell me how they had car just like it long ago (Valiant)or how these cars used to be taxicabs back then. (Actually there was'nt any of these cars in the country when they were new). But first of old men come to ask what is this car and how much it takes gas. Then they are very pleased and happy becouse their "88 Toyota or Opel takes only half of it. They sold their own "just like this" car for same reason back in 60's. Then they ask how I'm doing with it in cold windy winter weather. One dude even thoght that these cars gotta be cheap becouse they are so old. AAAGGGGH!


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