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Message for DOO WOP AL 18 scale 58'

From: tim Knight
Remote Name:
Date: August 08, 2002
Time: 01:43:53


I saw your wanted add and tried to email you but in bounced back. Anyhow here is the message G'day Doo wop Al, I don't have one for sale, although I bought one for in canada. 6mths ago. It cost me $ 27.00 US for the car and $ 28.00 US for freight. just over $ 100 australian I see on they are $75.00 - $ 100.oo US for the same car + freight. I guess depends on how bad you want one but try first then they are for sale all the time. ERTL are a very good quality model. but the boot does'nt open there is another brand can't think of it off the top of my head. but the boot does open. I have the model but you have the car!!!! We my car is on its way, a 1957 plymouth savoy 2dr h/top is all I could afford should be here end of august Any way enough of me crapping on hope this helps and good luck with the diecast Tim


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