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Re: 1955 300 positive ground 12 volt? Please help!

From: Mopar Randy
Remote Name:
Date: August 06, 2002
Time: 02:17:13


Well, your question about the circuit breaker for the dome lamps and headlights is easy: it is located in the headlight switch. As to the wiring with the positive battery terminal connected to the generator, under stock conditions, that would be wrong. The negative terminal of the battery should be connected to the output from the generator and the positive terminal connected to the chassis, hence "positive ground". Now, it's impossible for me to say sitting here in my computer room if your car is still stock. You've alluded to some conversion(s) which may have changed things. If the starter has been converted to 12 volts, there should be some sort of transformer evident somewhere. If the polarity of the whole system was changed, which I can't imagine somebody doing, then you've got a substantial undertaking ahead to make it right. I might suggest starting with the obvious things: Is the battery in fact 6 volt (with the three caps), does the tag on the generator read 6 volts, does the tag on the starter read 6 volts, etc. I don't have my 55 right here to look at, but the voltage regulator might be marked 6 volt as well. It could be that your starter relay was just replaced with the wrong one, say, one from an Imperial of the same year. You're just going to have to track it back one wire at a time. You might get a clue as to whether the car has been converted if the propensity is for the wiring to be negative ground. You might also be tipped as to modification if you come accross some mysterious electrical box looking transformer like. I wish I could help you more, but without seeing and touching, I'm afraid this is the best I can do. Good Luck, Mopar Randy


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