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Re: chromed plastic

From: Tony
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Date: August 06, 2002
Time: 01:27:37


I have a parts cleaning tank in which I use Castrol's Super Clean as the solvent. Super Clean is the highly concentrated form of 409 or Fantastic, in essence, a base with a pH of 12 to 14. The chrome on plastic interior parts is a very thin layer of a polymer, whereas exterior plastic parts like today's grilles have chromium on them. I've cleaned all of my plastic dash parts and armrests for my 65 Sport Fury convertible in Super Clean and it doesn't damage the plastic. Several years ago I used brake fluid for stripping model train plastic bodies, and I've found that small details crumble. You'll need gloves, Home Depot sells long rubber gloves made for corrosive solutions, and round parts brushes to rub the "chrome" off. Rinse the parts under running water to remove the Super Clean.


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