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Re: I re-read my own post and I answered my own question - partia...

From: alumcan
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Date: August 05, 2002
Time: 09:42:07


Steve, why can't they do like in the Tucker movie. Instead of using computer (fake) graphics, and all that other stuff you mentioned that is way over my head. Use a real car!? They took a '80's something rear drive Ford LTD, made it look like a Tucker, then used that in the real roll over scene. Why can't a couple of thousand of these Jap/American front wheel drive 'ping pang' cars that's cluttering up the country side be converted into '58 Plymouths for 'real' crashes? I know they used soundtraks. They could make a eight cly sound instead of a rod knockin' four or V-six. I was watching a movie where a dude took of on a Harley (sporster) and the motor sounded something like and old Honda 305!


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