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Re: 1955 300 positive ground 12 volt? Please help!

From: Adam Green
Remote Name:
Date: August 04, 2002
Time: 23:31:14


Thomas, speaking as a qualified Auto-Electrician, it's probably best if you don't do any more yourself and enlist some professional help. Auto Electrics is fine IF you know what you are doing and from the tone of your posts, it's quite clear that you are not experienced. No shame in that, it's just not your thing at the moment. It would be all to easy for you to damage a lot of components or even burn the car out if you carry on blindly. I'm afraid there's a bit too much to go into with your problems for any of us to help you over this page. Try and find a knowledgeable friend or club member to come and give you some practical help if you can. Adam


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