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I re-read my own post and I answered my own question - partially.

From: Steven Dean
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Date: August 04, 2002
Time: 23:02:26


Before I was re-reading my question, why would any Movie company spend blah, blah, blah, on Christine? The answer is cult following. I mean, here we are still talking about it. Some of us, including myself, own cars that resemble her. Ok, there's not many of us. But what if some up and coming young hotshot producer happens upon catching a late show re-run of "Christine" and has a bug to greenlight such a thing. It's happened before, look at "Vanishing Point" Two. I can see "Christine" as a cable movie thought. All CGI..??? no but CGI's place is to complement still. Practical modeling would be the way to go. Personally, I would combine three elements... Real cars -Practical models, and CGI to compliment. Real '58s for alot of the action... (Spinning, burning out, skidding, sliding, running toward camera...etc)... And they the crashes-destruction can be done using quarter to third scale '58 models. Highly detailed models designed to crush, bash, what have you, exactly as needed. Edited properly, it would look great. I see a sequence such as when Christine drive through and destroys Darnell's house in the book. Cgi would be used to fill in the little details like smoke, sparks, snow, for that matter. The secret to the scale modeling is frame-rate... You speed up the camera to give "Little Christine" some weight. Oh, another trick would be to rig up just a closeup of a real fender or grill being bashed. (Instead of a using a whole car.) You can do alot with camera tricks intercutting the whole car with a fender being bashed back a bit. Anyway. So that's the other flip side thinking of my own last post. Thanks...


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