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Re: 1955 300 positive ground 12 volt? Please help!

From: Thomas DeBusk
Remote Name:
Date: August 04, 2002
Time: 21:06:24


OK. I've settled that it's SUPPOSED to be 6V. But the starter relay has 12V stamped on it. Another electrical component under the dash has 6V on it. Hmmm. Consider the following: I'm having trouble locating the fuse panel. I'm told there's a phillips head screw I need to remove to drop the panel down from under the dash just to the left of the steering column. Yeah, right. Even with instructions like that I still can't find the screw or the panel. What's the black box at the top of the firewall in the engine compartmentjust ahead of the driver? I'm having trouble getting the motor to turn over. With a 12V battery hooked up I can get the starter to whir if I short the starter relay, but not with a 6V. I had the 6V battery checked today and it's good. Nothing happens either way with the key, though. And the other night when I first hooked up the 12V battery I got interior lights and headlights and several other electrical components functioned. The ammeter flickers when I hit the power windows. The seat goes down (but not up) and the horn would blow. None of that happened with the 6V battery alone before that. But shortly after I hooked up the 12V the interior lights & headlights went dead. that's why I'm looking for the fuse panel. Thomas


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