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1955 300 positive ground 12 volt?

From: Thomas DeBusk
Remote Name:
Date: August 02, 2002
Time: 21:50:21


I'm trying to get my '55 C300 started. I put a good, well-charged 6-volt battery in and got nothing. Then I noticed the letters "12V" stamped on what looks like the starter relay. I had the positive terminal of the battery connected to the generator and the negative terminal connected to the relay because that's how the small/larger terminals on the cable fit the small/large posts on the battery. But I really don't know whether this is or should be a 12-or 6-volt system and whether it is or should be negative or positive ground. I'm wondering how I can tell if it was factory 6-volt converted to 12-volt? Can anyone tell me what it's supposed to be and how to tell if it's been changed? Don't want to burn it up just trying to get it started and I don't have a manual yet. I know they went to 12-volt sometime close to this, but I thought it was after '55? Hopefully, I'm wrong. Thanks, Thomas


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