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Re: 350 pistons 1958 FURY

From: alumcan
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Date: August 01, 2002
Time: 22:41:39


What size are they? Back then, I needed .030 over. The only pistons I could find were standard 361's. Which were .060 over for a 350. (actually .062, 1/16") It would have been cheaper for me to go with the 361's, but if something happened, I couldn't bore the block out any more. Since this motor and car was bought new by 'Peter Gunn', I elected to pay BIG bucks, then, to get a set of .030 overs , pins. and rings. It was a gamble that I lost in the long run. I spent close to 14 years trying to contact Craig Stephens. Never did. He died tewo years ago. Plus, in '92, a Chevelle dude burnt my garage down, with the Fury plus four others, and lots and lots of NOS stuff. So I have a good title and a stick ($) motor (never fired) that would be only good to someone who is a fan of Gunn. Or like some, doing a super correct restoration of a 'stick' Fury. Memory is a little fuzzy, but I think I paid somewhere around eleven, twelve hundred, to get those pistons, pins and rings made. Compaired to what I paid, yours are VERY CHEAP! But, there are ONLY a small handfull of people that would want to keep a 350, a 350. When a 'stealth' 400 (made to look externally like a stock 350) clould be built for probably less money, and would run rings around 'Einstine's 440 wagon. he, he. To awnser your question, would be hard. But me, unless I NEEDED money (new 'toy' or project, new Harley, room addition, etc.) I'd keep 'em. You'd never know, if down the road if you ever needed them,,,,,,,.


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