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From: Bob O.
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Date: August 01, 2002
Time: 20:55:15


The articles on building a 402 inch stroker on a poly 318 are in "Mopar Performance" Sept and Oct 2001 issues. Maybe that's a little extreme, although put together by a very knowledgeable and helpful guy (Gary Pavlovich). But stuff IS available for these engines: Weiand make a Stealth AFB manifold for the poly, and an Edlebrock six pack manifiold can still be found at swap meets etc. Chris Neilsen is selling a range of custom camshafts, there is a set of Spitfire headers available for the poly's too. Many other componets are shared with the later LA series engines, including cranks. Pistons appear to be a custom item, but JE engineering have certainly made them for several people recently. All accounts I read by people who've messed with these engines state that they are excellent breathing engines that respond very well to a little tweaking.


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