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6 volt starter

From: Mike Keller
Email: Michael.Keller@Verizon.Net
Remote Name:
Date: July 29, 2002
Time: 19:54:20


A friend who is a retired teacher gave me a 6 volt starter that had been removed from a cut away V-8 engine. The engine had been manufactured by the Chrysler Corporation expressly for school classrooms. The engine is long since gone but the starter was saved. The starter is brand new but does have some surface rust from being stored in a cardboard box for 20 plus years. The Chrysler part number is 1343693. The Auto Lite number is MCL 6109. The serial number is 10 (stamped sideways followed by) 176638. The red Auto Lite plate reads "6 Volt Positive Shift Starter". Would this assist in any one's restoration ? Unfortunately, this unit will not work in either my "42 Willy's Jeep or "49 Chev pick up so lets pass it on to somebody who can use it. Mike


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